Grand Prix Weekend 2018 on St-Laurent Street


Previous Grand Prix street fests on St. Laurent featured vintage cars, swing dancers, (bubbly promotional staff), live DJ sets and blowout sales on mostly apparel but also house wares and assorted knick knacks. If you want to find out what’s happening this year, you’ll just have to show up on any intersection on St. Laurent between Des Pins and Sherbrooke, from 8am and 3am, Thursday through Sunday. And the fest goes on, rain or shine!!

St-Laurent Boulevard is probably where you’ll find me during Grand Prix celebrations. Just like Crescent Street, the popular Montreal Boulevard becomes a massive pedestrian artery and outdoor party, spanning from Sherbrooke all the way up to Mont-Royal Street. St-Laurent is the Mecca of beautiful girls, incredible nightlife, delicious restaurants and top-notch atmosphere. If you’re trying to spot a celebrity, you might want to try Buonanotte. As every year, the Montreal restaurant and supper-club will be hosting some of the most sought-after parties in the city.

Traffic will be barred from Saint-Laurent Boulevard between Sherbrooke and Pine from June 7 to 10 so that visitors can enjoy a wonderful open-air party during Grand Prix on the Main! Always exciting, always enchanting, always the place to be, the Main awaits you from 10 am daily for four days of celebrations of the Canadian Grand Prix. Some 30 terrasses set up on the street especially for the event will stay open until 3 in the morning so that you can groove under the stars to the beat of Saint-Laurent’s DJs.



4398, St-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Thur-Sun: 8am - 3am


Map & Directions